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A.N.T. Services Corp., was founded in 2009 by Teresa Ceballos, as a cleaning company servicing local houses and condos in Southeast Florida. For more than a decade, her company has provided jobs to immigrants with low educational and economic backgrounds. Thus, enhancing their skills and quality of life in this unfamiliar country.

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We work hand in hand with our customers to comprehend and accommodate their unique cleaning needs, because we know that no two businesses are alike. Our substantial base of long-term clients and employees demonstrates the importance that we place on building enduring relationships. Our relationships are base on this very promise. We treat every client and employee with integrity. We believe that a job is not well done unless you think so too.


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ANT Cleaning Services

Based in Coral Springs Florida and with over 10 years of cleaning and operational experience focused on detoxification centers, A.N.T. Services Corp has taken its clients' most important spaces to another level. Our promise is to bring consistent, professional and personalized services with a reliable team.

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